We all have a story and while our journeys may look different, we all learn important lessons along the road of life.  The life lessons you’ve learned along the way have brought you to where you are today, so why not share your knowledge and say thanks to the journey, good or bad, that helped you learn an important lesson.

The Thank You Lessons is a social platform for people to submit a thank you note to the person, place, or thing that helped them learn a life lesson.  

Why share?

  • Opportunity to share your story and lessons with others who may be experiencing something similar. Use what you have learned for good and pay it forward.

  • Reflect.  What was the purpose of a particular struggle or experience?

  • We often forget to say thank you or wait until it’s too late.  Give others their flowers while they are alive. We chose “The Thank You Lessons” title because the acronym is TTYL which is often used as shorthand for “Talk To You Later”.  However, life often gets busy and we are all guilty of pushing certain things off until later.  Take the time today to say thank you because you might not have an opportunity later.



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